eyelash dye tipsEyelash dye

So you've decided: you want to have dark and long beautiful eyelash everyday even when you are not in the mood for make up or mascara. Eyelash dye is the right decision for your beautiful natural look. You have some questions about it, such as: how long eyelash dye will last, is it safe for my eyes or can I do it at home?

Professional eyelash dye

Professional eyelash dye is an option especially when you are doing this for the first time.

Look for a beauty professional salon, make an appointment and together with your specialist find out what color do you want your lashes dyed.

The most popular eyelash tinting color is black. This is not the same in brow's case when you have to consider your skin, eye and hair color.

However eyelash dye is available in various colors, so you have to decide yourself what you prefer.

Eyelash tinting at home 

If you have limited budget or time you can consider eyelash dyeing at home. You can find eyelash tinting kits in almost every cosmetic shop, even online. We recommend choosing a good quality one, as the eye area is a sensitive one. This is why we only recommend doing this at home after you've experienced eyelash dyeing before in a professional salon. You can ask for professional advice before. It is important that the dye doesn't reach your eyes, so you might ask for a friend's help. Follow exactly the directions of use provided, including the allergy test. Watch the eyelash titning video tutorial

eyelash dye tipsHow long eyelash dye will last?

Eyelash dye is very similar with hair dye - if you want to have your lashes dark you have to repeat the process from time to time. Usually the color lasts about 3 to 5 weeks, when the color is still dark. This depends on what makeup remover or soap you use, eyelash dye quality and the amount of time you spend with the tint on your lashes. The optimal time to spend with them is around 10 minutes, but make sure you read and respect the product's instructions.

Is the eyelash tinting dangerous for my eyes or lashes?

Eyelash tinting is not a dangerous procedure. Still some precautions are required before use. Eyelash tint is a chemical product. It is highly recommended not to use the product without doing the allergy test! This has to be done 24 hours before eyelash dyeing. Reapet the test once you have changed the eyelash tinting kit you used before. If one or more elements of the composition cause you irritation, do not continue. You can look for another product, maybe a vegetable eyelash dye or ask for professional help.

Do not allow eyelash tint to reach your eyes as this can seriously irritate your eyes. If you aren’t sure you can do this safely alone, ask someone to help you. Keep your eyes close until the tint is completely cleaned off.

Either you use eyelash tint or other types of eye products (mascara, extensions), eyelash conditioner and care is essential for your eyelash condition. Maintain them beautiful and healthy.