eyelash dyingEyelash tinting kits

Eyelash tinting kits are available for individual eyelash dye. Do not use hair dye instead, for any reason. We only recommend eyelash tinting at home if you already tried tinting before in a professional salon and only after an allergy test, done 24h before the procedure. Repeat the test each time you change the eyelash tinting kit brand you used.

Eyelash tinting kits to buy

Eyelash tinting kits are available in many colors, from black brown to violet or blue.

Before buying you have to decide if you need a one wash resistant dye or a semi permanent dye.

If you have sensitive skin and still want to do it at home, ask for professional advice before buying an eyelash dye kit.

You can also recieve advise regarding what kind of product is best for you: you can compare different brands and prices, or you might need special eyelash tinting kits for sensitive eyes such as vegetable eyelash dye kit, also available on the market.


Best eyelash tinting kits come with detailed directions of use, but still it is better if you already tried it in a salon. The advantage of buying an eyelash dye kit is that you can use it several times. Be careful and don't keep the product after the expiring date as it can cause you serious damages.


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