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Being beautiful in our days is no longer just a natural gift but it is also a matter of choice. A woman has so many options for improving her look and maintain her beauty that it is hard to select between what is really helpful or necessary and not.

Eyelash tinting is one of those choices that you have for adding a plus to your eyes' beauty. Here you will find some helpful tips if you consider dyeing your eyelashes.

Eyelash tinting tips

Eyelash tint is the permanent or semipermanet dye used to tint your eyelashes in different colors.

Is eyelash tinting an optimal solution for me?

Your lashes are longer using eyelash tinting than in their natural color. Especially if you are not the lucky one who has natural dark eyelash, dyeing your lashes can make them look not just darker but longer.

Mascara versus eyelash tinting

Mascara can be an option for eyelash dying. It has the advantage to be easy to use at home.

A good quality one offers a dramatic look to your eyes. No other eyelash tinting can give the curly and volume effect to your eyes. Eyelash extensions make an exception and you might consider them for special occasions when you really want to look special.

eyelash tintingWhen to use eyelash tinting?

Semi permanent or permanent eyelash dyeing is a better option if you consider the everyday rush at work. If you have light color natural eyelashes and you want a natural look every day without the uncomfortable feeling of mascara on your eyes, then semi permanent eyelash tinting is for you. It is always a good option for holidays when you still want to look beautiful and not worry about make up.

Beautiful, long dark eyelash can be the most important accesory to your look, that's way we advice you to take good care of them. Find out more about eyelash conditioner and eyelash dye or eyelash tinting kits for home. An eyelash tinting tutorial is also available on this site.